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    RESTAURANTS: Add $100,000 Per Year in Sales through YOUR Online Ordering System


    How would you like to have your very own sales rep - one who can call on the hundreds (maybe THOUSANDS!) of companies right around your store who are ordering lunch EVERY DAY - a rep that can get these businesses ordering through YOUR online ordering system… starting today?
    That's exactly what we do!
    We are an experienced team of sales & marketing professionals, who work for restaurants with their own online ordering (e.g. through MenuDrive, ChowNow, Toast, etc). Our job is to dramatically grow their online sales - where they (YOU) keep 100% of the profits!


    • $450 per week TRIAL PROGRAM - No Commitment
    • Discounted Monthly Rate - $1,750 per Month
    • No commissions to pay... EVER!


    • Immediate Flow of New Customers & Orders through YOUR Online Ordering System
    • HOT Corporate Catering Leads
    • Local Business List with ALL Contact Information - Including DOUBLE-CONFIRMED Email Addresses (Click to View Demo)


  • Have questions? Ready to get started?


    Call our sales department at (913) 449-3860 - or email us through our contact form.

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    Suite 105
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    (913) 449-3860

    9 Ingredients for Overflowing Food Biz Sales: Bring in an Extra Million Plus (with No Overhead!)


    - By Kevin Downey, Lightning Sales & Marketing Group


    Lightning Sales & Marketing Group is pleased to donate 1% of all revenue to KC Woof Pack, a local Animal Shelter. We strongly believe in their mission of “a loving home for every animal” and doing our part to give back. Thank you so much for choosing to work with us and our role in the community!