Corporate Catering Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation Programs for Restaurants and Caterers



    Welcome to Lightning Sales & Marketing Group. We're a team of SUPERSTAR sales reps who work for restaurants and caterers nationwide. In today's rapidly evolving food industry, the need for delivery and drop-off catering to local companies is growing at an exponential rate. The business is out there, now more than ever. Our #1 focus at Lightning: make sure you get these orders, and as many as possible.


    If your goal is to increase orders NOW, we've got a program just for you!


    Local Corporate Catering Leads

    $29.95 each

    Boost your order count with our Corporate Catering Leads Program. You'll see sales skyrocket in no time! These are leads you can turn into orders INSTANTLY. With just a single lead, you have the potential to generate unlimited orders to last a lifetime. NO COMMISSIONS to pay ever!

    100% Commission Corporate Catering Sales Reps

    Rate Negotiable

    We only get paid when you do. It couldn't be easier or more in your favor. Only our top reps work based on commission, so availability is limited. Don't wait, inquire now.


    Call (913) 686-6482, or use the contact form below to have a Lightning representative contact you.

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    “You can advertise your way to a customer base, but you can't develop PROFITABLE customers with advertising alone. That's because the secret to big-time profitability in corporate catering is to develop customers that do business with you daily, weekly and monthly. And you can’t do that with advertising. You can only do that with a full-time sales effort. You must be in front of your customer asking them about their next event BEFORE they jump online and start searching. When you’re there in front of them all of the time, you get to be their catering advisor, a true consultant. And it’s at that point that they come to rely on you and will bring you EVERYTHING. This is how you develop customers and turn your corporate catering sales into a truly profitable part of your organization.” 


    - Kevin Downey, Founder & CEO, Lightning Sales & Marketing Group

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    Data Pricing (Business Lists)


    Lightning Sales & Marketing Group is pleased to donate 1% of all revenue to KC Woof Pack, a local Animal Shelter. We strongly believe in their mission of “a loving home for every animal” and doing our part to give back. Thank you so much for choosing to work with us and our role in the community!